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Dealing with Health and Your Diabetes


The cost of living for people with a continuing need for regular doses of a maintenance drug can run a person right to the door of the poor farm these days. All prices seem to increase while wages seem to… well, you know the state of the economy. Some individuals are finding assistance from the ordering of prescriptions from Canadian Pharmacy websites. There’s certainly no harm in checking out one possible way to save on the stuff that keeps you balanced and healthy. But there are other concerns for the sufferers of both diabetes Types l and ll.

Diabetes Care And Principals

Take a close look at the following principles and be sure to keep accurate records for the use of your personal physician:

  • Problems down the line should be tracked, in order to try and head them off, and handled in an appropriate and timely manner. This could be the difference between you living the rest of your life with 2 legs, 2 feet and 10 toes.
  • Be aware of the basics - cholesterol, blood pressure and less than 7 on your A1C test. (Sometimes referred to as the abc’s.) This, in particular, is where consistent and accurate record keeping comes into play in a big way.
  • You are in control of your body - not the other way around! (Even though, at times, it may seem like the exact opposite.)
  • See your doctor regularly and as needed.
  • Knowledge is power. By learning as much as you can about your condition, you will be far better equipped to manage it properly and safely.
Diabetes And Depression

Sadly, those two can frequently go hand in hand. ‘Why was I cursed with this disease?’ ‘What did I do to deserve this?’ ‘Why can’t I just lead a normal life?’ ‘Will I end up losing my fingers, toes… a leg?’ ‘Will this affliction eventually kill me?’ All good questions, some however with no concrete answers. The best way to combat diabetes and the depression that can result is to do everything in your power to handle the disease as specifically directed by your physician. Not everyone can beat diabetes (as is sometimes possible with Type ll).

Why is it so very important to care for even Type ll diabetes? How does this affect you? Tooth loss due to gum disease, failure of kidneys, nerve damage to the point of eventual amputation, loss of sight, stroke, heart disease… lost enough yet?

Exercise to Help you Live Longer

w7Nobody wants to die young. But what if you’re not young anymore and still want to enjoy some reasonable longevity? After all, death doesn’t just affect you, it affects your entire family and friends. So what can we do to lessen the chances of dying before our time?

There’s Good News

Even if you’re 50 years old or more, and have been relatively inactive, you can increase your chances of living longer. Now that is good news. If that last sentence applies to you there is a way to add another few years on to your life expectancy. Not only will you hopefully live longer, but in essence, you’ll live healthier longer. Even changing from no exercise to light exercise will help your cause. If you already exercise lightly try taking it up to moderate. Be careful not to overdo it but don’t let that be an excuse for doing nothing. If you’re really worried about how much exercise you can tolerate check with your doctor and enroll in either a class that is directed or attended by medical staff or see if your personal physician will prescribe a brief period of physical therapy just to get you on your way. If your personal physician prescribes it, chances are it will be covered by insurance. Use Taylor Benefits Insurance to make sure you have the best health insurance.

But it’s so Comfy Here on the Couch

Don’t I know it?! But the couch is your enemy, unless you’re lifting it with your back straight and your knees bent, for exercise. Always try to protect your lower legs. If something does happen with your knees, there are many different knee replacement options. If that is the case, take it easy there Hercules. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. No sense having a massive coronary in the middle of your living room, if you don’t have to. With the weather the way it is right now, you’ve got the perfect opportunity to get out there and take a walk.

You don’t have to jog; you don’t even have to walk fast. Just walk. However, preparation for the inevitable is necessary, try

Players Demo New Hexakill

everystockphoto-42626-tnThe new Featured Gameplay Mode that is being tried out on the Summoner’s Rift was previewed on February 20 and was closed on March 2. The Hexakill mode gave players the opportunity to add a sixth player to each team during matches.

The interesting thing about this new game mode is that the sixth player during a Hexakill match did not have a specified role. They were welcome to move around the board and support as necessary, which made for some interesting match dynamics.

Players React

Overall, players seem intrigued by the idea of switching up the game options and offering some sort of permanent version of the Hexakill format long-term.

• Many believed that mixing the Hexakill format with One for All would make for interesting game play.

• There has also been a lot of talk about using the sixth champ as a second jungle or a roaming support throughout the game, which is how most players appeared to utilize this option when the Hexakill was live.

At this point there is no word on the success of the Hexakill test, according to League of Legends developers. Players will have to wait and see how this could impact their game play and if the Summoner’s Rift will see some sort of overhaul that impacts this play style.

It’s currently unclear how the implementation of a permanent Hexakill format would impact things like ELO boosting services as well.

Replacing A Shed The Right Way

1368027_shedSo, if you are replacing a shed the right way are we to assume that it was originally constructed the wrong way?  Maybe it was just constructed a really long time ago and eventually gave into the elements.  Though the elements and Mother Nature herself are both fierce powers to reckon with, today’s building materials are built utilizing some of the highest technology known to mankind.  The combination of metals, alloys and other stress and moisture resistant materials make not only the material that the building is constructed from, but the fasteners holding it together longer-lasting and more durable.

The Experts Weigh In

There is always some expert somewhere willing to weigh in on just about any topic you could possibly pull out of your... storage shed.  According to one online expert the biggest and most important decision to make, when it comes to building a flawless and fully utilitarian storage shed is to decide well in advance exactly what it is that you need and what you want.  Putting ample amounts of research into your storage shed, before actually starting the building process is vital... all the way from what it will look like to the types of materials you will use to construct it.  The foundation must be secure, the floor strong enough to support anything you store in that shed, the walls resistant to the elements and since a great roof makes a longer-lasting building, be sure not to skimp on the quality of tarpaper, shingles and roofing screws that you use. Contact a Miami Roofing company for more information of roofing.

What’s in Your Storage Shed?

According to another online expert, what you’re going to store in your shed is going to make a world of difference in not only how you build that shed and with what materials, but the style of something as seemingly insignificant as the door.  A door is a door right?  Wrong!!  There are single opening doors, dutch doors, double doors which allow for larger access area and coiling or roll up overhead doors, such as what’s probably on your garage.  Massive machinery is best suited to these overhead types of doors. Smaller riding lawn mowers and such can probably suffice with double doors.  And, if all you have is a push mower and a wheelbarrow on your list of yard equipment, a single door may suffice.

The whole point is to protect the objects inside, so building a shed that stands up to the elements is the most important aspect, when it all comes down.  And hopefully, it won’t all come down.

Bored? 4 Ways To Make Fishing Fun Again

All Alaska FishingSometimes, even when you love something dearly, there comes a point where you just need to shake things up a little. In the case of fishing, it's easy to fall into a rut of using the same gear, driving the same car, renting the same boat, and sitting out on the same lake or river week after week. If you find yourself getting bored with the very hobby you used to love so much, read on for a few thoughts on ways to add a little spice to it.


4: Set Goals

Don't just blindly head out to the lake with no sense of direction- set goals for yourself. Go for catching a certain number of fish, or for fish of a certain weight. You could always try your best to hunt down a specific type of fish. Basically, you're looking to keep your mind and body engaged through the entire process, instead of just running on auto-pilot, doing the same thing you've done a hundred times before over and over again. You might be surprised how just this simple shift in your perception is enough to engage you once again.


3: A New Locale

Alaska fly fishing trips may be just the cure for what ails you. Sometimes, we simply need to get out there in the wild, and explore an environment that we're unfamiliar with. You know how it goes- when you do something a lot, you get too familiar with it. If you fish in the same place over and over, you're going to memorize every tree, blade of grass, and other aspects of your surrounding. It can make the process seem monotonous. That's where fresh scenery comes into play. Just try somewhere new, and see for yourself how a new environment can really go a long way towards reviving your interest.


2: Go Competitive

You could always join a fishing league, or enter fishing tournaments. There's no telling where it might take you. Who knows, maybe someday you'll head out to the lake, and return home with not only the day's catch, but a trophy to go along with it! Treating fishing like a sport may bring out a side of you that you haven't experienced for a while, and it just might get you interested in fishing again.


1: Fish With Friends

If you've been going it alone for the entire time you've been fishing, maybe you're long past due for inviting a friend in on the action. They say company can make anything more enjoyable, and if you've simply lost your spark for fishing, having a buddy there to laugh with you through the dull parts might just be enough to remind you of why you grew to care so much about it in the first place. Give it a shot.

When Is A Bow Tie Truly Called For?



 There is good news out there for you bowtie aficionados. The bow tie is back! The infamous silk bowtie, the polyester bow tie, the cotton bowtie, the bow tie made of mixed fabrics, plain white, plain black and prints or various bow tie colors are adorning the neck and collar of gentlemen young and old, formal or informal, at a wedding or at work… It just doesn’t matter anymore.


Is It Really Okay To Wear My Bowtie?

Yes, absolutely, positively. Even if you’re just wearing your favorite cardigan sweater, you can now wear a bow tie underneath to just spiff things up a bit, or make yourself feel better about how you look today. And what does the fashion world say about your bowtie? Well, of course they are still all the rage for weddings but when else does fashion dictate that a bowtie is proper attire? The most important thing about fashion and bow ties is that if you’re going to wear it... dammit wear it! Wear it and be proud. If that necktie just isn’t you, then proudly grab that bowtie and wear it to work, dinner, out on a date… It’s your neck! A bowtie isn’t ‘gay’ (that’s not me, that’s what lots of people wrongly assume), it’s not ‘geek chic’, it’s not any of those things. It’s a style that you just happen to like (and look stunning in).


What About Your Bowtie?

Well if you’ve made the decision to go ahead and sport a bowtie but you really don’t feel like standing in front of the mirror for hours and fumbling and bumbling around while attempting to actually tie it you may consider going with a clip on bow tie. And that’s just fine. But do yourself and everyone else a favor and where a clip on bow tie not with one clip on each side that – in a perfect world – clips on and stays on to your collar. No, rather go with the clip on bow tie that has a band of material that goes all the way around your neck, under your collar, and clips to the other side of the bow tie. You’ll be thankful for that if you’re at a wedding reception and you start to get down and dirty dancing because your bow tie won’t go flying across the room – unless of course you want it to.

When you take that last glance in the mirror, if you can say ‘damn I look fine’ – then that bowtie is exactly what you should be wearing at this precise moment in time. A big part of looking good is feeling good in what you wear.

Is Man Really ‘The Measure Of All Things’?

NDT Supply  

  We're not talking high accuracy measurements here, we're talking about who we are, where we come from, and philosophy in general. Taking the question of "is man really the measure of all things" into consideration puts lots of food for thought out on the table. It's not something that can be easily answered, but let's get into it a little bit here in this article.


Don't Feel Threatened By What You Don't Understand

It's a self centered and egotistical way of looking at the world and universe around us to believe that man is the measure of all things. All we're able to do as a species is give context and definition to what we see that surrounds us. Even though we give a name to something we discover, that doesn't mean that we have given that object meaning. We just simply entered into the picture, pointed towards the object in question, and shouted out a word. At the end of the day, that's all the power that we have. All we can do is point and speak. Just because we have a thought, and breathe it out into the world, doesn't mean that we have added anything to the world.


Life Is A Complicated Subject

This is because we're a small part of a larger whole. People, more often than not, can't see much further than their own lives that they're living in the moment. If they could step outside of themselves for a moment and realize that the world is much larger than anything going on in their lives, they'd be shocked at how little their thoughts, needs, and wants actually matter in the grand scheme of things. Life is just a ride- one that we don't have much control over. It's usually best to just sit back, and let it take you where it will. So, is man the measure of all things? No, of course not. We're just passing through something that's larger than any of us can comprehend, let alone put into words.

And while we're at it, let's stop referring to all of the human race as man- it's confusing in conversation, and situations like this. We're not talking about man- we're talking about mankind, or humankind. Keep that in mind during conversation. Don't put too much thought into these things, and try not to worry about your place in the universe, and if you're the center of it- you're not. So, just kick back and relax.

4 Secure Ways To Store Data Safely

esencial-178711-mThere's a lot of weight on your shoulders when it comes to running your own business. All of those small and large decisions combine to make your company what it is today, and safeguarding those decisions and secrets is a big responsibility as well. When it comes to storing your data, there are several steps that you should be taking that you might not even be aware of in the world of secure and private data storage. Here are a few of them.


#4 A Sturdy Password

Let's start by talking basics. In allsituations, you should be using a strong password. While there are no absolutes when it comes to software and hardware security, you can at least better your odds by not using the common password tropes, such as your birthday, the names of your pets, or your address. The easier it is for you to remember your password, the easier it is for someone else to hack it.


#3 Encryption

If the information you're storing away is that vital and important, encrypt it. Encryption is a great option because it jumbles your file, leaving it unreadable to everyone except the person with the proper decryption key- you. Most OS out there have encryption options, and if that's not a possibility for you, there are several programs and apps that are very affordable.


#2 Watch That Credit

If you're making company purchases either with a company card of business card, and you're not double checking the security of the site or service that you're using, you could be putting your company and it's data at risk. Before entering any information at all in the online space, be sure that the site you're using is secure. Look for lock icons in your browser. That's usually a smart way to double check that the site you're using is safe and secure.


#1 Wireless Security

Having an open Wi-Fi network for your business may seem like a courteous thing to do for your customers and neighbors, but it's akin to leaving your door open for crooks. When getting a new router, opt for one with the best DOC and firewall possible.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Fido

Christmas_Gold_Colorful_264118_lIf you are a dog owner you know that your pet is as much a part of your family as are you or your children. In many homes, a pet is more or less a type of child substitute, as it were. Let’s face it, you don’t have to put them through 12 years of school then college, they don’t grow up to hate you, they’re happy to see you every time you walk through the door – unlike most teenagers – and though vet bills these days can rival hospital bills, you will probably have to put up with fewer of them than with a child that lives with you for 18 years (or more, ugh). So it’s no wonder that pet owners usually make a pretty big deal out of Christmas gifts for their beloved, fuzzy,four-legged family members.


Is Your Business Going To Be Part Of A Convention?

Since we’re on the topic of dog lovers and gifts, if your company is going to be on the showroom floor of a convention in the near future you may well consider keeping those pet owners in mind when it comes to your free giveaways. Everybody loves something for free and if a pet owner can get a gift for their four-legged companion for nothing or next to nothing, you’ve already made a huge impression on a large portion of today’s population. Simply put some of these ideas out as freebies with a custom design for your advertising on them:
  • Dog dishes
  • Beds for dogs
  • Dog harnesses that are new and improved
  • Dog tags that can be engraved
  • Dog collars that have a tag built in for engraving

What To Get The Dog Who Is Everything

Keep in mind that some of these may not trip Fido’s trigger when he tears open the package, but in the long run, he will benefit from them, as will you.
  • If you are frequently not home, an automatic pet feeder could be the answer to your prayers – now if they only had an automatic pet ‘taker outer’
  • A tool for de-shedding – this can mean less fur balls because as we all know, fur balls are not exclusive to cats
  • A drinking fountain for pets keeps the water constantly moving (I’m told they like that)
  • Your pet’s really not going to like this one, but you really should implant a chip in them, so that they can be identified if they get lost… Merry Christmas Sparky… Ouch! Thanks a lot!
Of course you can’t go wrong with dog ‘treats’ because every dog knows that word. It is in every vocabulary of every canine ever born.

4 Facts Men Need To Know About Female Menopause

daisy_green_blue_242467_lHot flashes, night sweats, and weight gain. Many men are skeptical of the symptoms women experiencing menopause complain about. Just like menstruation and childbearing, this only pertains to women. Conventional wisdom tells us men don’t experience menopause, or do they? When a woman gives birth to a girl she dreams about the short-term issues like hair bows, dresses, and braids. Someday she will have a soul mate to accompany her to the mall. She will give her tips on makeup and help pick prom dresses.

It is funny how we only think of the pleasant aspects of being a girl and woman, when giving birth to a female child. All the unpleasant aspects of womanhood like menstruation and menopause are glossed over. For many women the thought of not having periods is a glorious one. Some women are thrown into menopause suddenly after having a laparoscopic hysterectomy because of health issues requiring uterus removal. Here are facts men should realize about women experiencing menopause:

#4 Compliments Go A Long Way

Express to her how beautiful she is. The usual exercise and healthy nutrition does not prevent pounds from creeping up, so women stop feeling attractive. It can be fairly frustrating to a woman when her faithful workout routine no longer helps her shed pounds. Instead the weight escalates if she just looks at a picture of a doughnut. Encouragement and making her feel like the same svelte woman she used to be goes a long way.

#3 Intimacy Can Be Painful

Having spontaneous sexual relations is over. Dropping estrogen levels cause her vaginal wall to thin and dry out making sex painful without cream preparation. Her libido may not be up to par either. If she does not feel “in the mood” don’t take it personally. Simply put, blame the menopause monster.

#2 Break Out In A Sweat Is An Understatement

Watching her fan uncontrollably, beads of sweat appearing on her forehead, or hugging her at night and she is drenched in water, may seem unbelievable. Show compassion and realize what it must be like for her. Hot flashes and night sweats are no picnic for anyone.

#1 Moodiness Is Par For The Course

Since women are unaware of when their menopause will begin, a sudden shift in moods due to hormonal changes catches everyone off guard. Your congenial wife can become crabby instantly.

Now, some people, both men and women, believe male menopause is simply a myth to compete with the many changes women have to endure, but health professionals disagree. Although the phenomenon is not as intense as women’s symptoms, the decreased levels of the hormone testosterone are real as men age. Doctors refer to this as andropause. By age 70 men have at least 50% less testosterone than when young. The most common symptoms include less sexual function, insomnia or increased sleepiness, more body fat, a decreased bone density, loss of body hair, lowered self confidence, and depression.

Some doctor’s treat with testosterone replacement therapy, but this is controversial. Most monitor and recommend common sense approaches. When it comes down to it, men and women are not as different as once thought. Aging brings all sorts of changes to the human body no matter the gender. So, maybe it's just a matter of taking care of each other, which can go a long way in understanding both female and male health changes.

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