Protecting Your Interests During A Private Car Sell

178919_repetition_series_10Selling your car privately can be a great way for you to make additional money. When you go to a car dealership and you have to trade your car in, and often times you will not get near the money you would normally get if you were to sell it privately. However, privately selling your vehicle can open the door to problems if you do not know how to sell your vehicle properly and have all of the documentation written up with a solid contract.

Selling Your Car

When you have someone there to buy your car you always need to be sure that you take all of the proper measures to make sure that the paperwork is going to be concrete. You need to write down the buyers drivers license number and if you can get a photocopy that would be excellent, you also need to make sure that all of the contract paperwork has legitimate dates, and you also need to be sure that the odometer is accurate. You need to make sure that your contract says as is, so that if the car breaks down in a few days you are not responsible for any type of repairs.

Other Things You Need To Think About

When you are selling your vehicle you should always remember to only accept cash. In these harsh economic times you should make sure the money is not counterfeit either. Unfortunately some people will try to purchase a vehicle with counterfeit money so you should always be very cautious on whom you accept cash from. Never accept a check or money order because most of the time it is a fraudulent sale.

Selling your vehicle may seem stressful, but if you have all of the right ideas and you understand what to look for in a potential problem you should be okay. The biggest thing you need to remember is making sure the paperwork is done properly so there aren't any problems that will come back in the future and end up as a lawsuit in court.

Broncos Fans Pray Manning Will Not Be Injured

399827_football1Yes and those Broncos fans can only pray that their prayers will be answered. After the debacle that was the Colts season last year, Manning doesn’t have much to show in the way of dependability. Who announces the fact that they’re getting year ending surgery after the season has already begun (oh and did I mention 2 months before the signing of a contract extension for $90,000,000)? If you’re going to get your Denver Broncos Tickets, you might want to wait until preseason concludes.

Three Strikes And You’re Out

Yes I fully realize that’s baseball; thanks anyways. What I’m talking about is the fact that, should Mr. Manning bite the dust preseason, this is what the Broncos have to fall back on: (strike 1) still green behind the ears Brock Osweiler; (strike 2) Adam Weber with only two years in; (and strike 3) Caleb Hanie, a veteran. Even though the rescue of the Broncos could be attributed to Tim Tebow last season, they’ve chosen to go with Manning; does he still have what it takes? Hanie is at least well known in the area and somewhat of a local celebrity. His performance with the Chicago Bears during the 2010 season was impressive. Unfortunately he couldn’t maintain that performance level. Many were in fact surprised when Denver drafted Hanie as a backup for Manning. That said, he is currently taking a backseat to Weber—at least for now.

Hurry Up, Hurry Up!

The hurry up offense that made Manning what he is today was all well and good with the Colts, who had played with Manning seemingly forever. How well his hurry up offense works with players that have never before worked with this legendary quarterback will be something to watch for.

Something that baffles me is the fact that Manning is still even considering playing football. I’ve known people with neck fusions and trust me when I tell you that playing a game of football is the furthest thing from their mind. A quarterback needs to be able to pivot his head from right to left for an entire game. How this will play out should provide for an interesting season if nothing else; at least for as long as Manning lasts on the field.

Confronting Fraud

590975_money_man_2If history has taught us anything, it is that dreaded lesson that covers the parting of fools and their money, but those who first uttered the adage could never have conceived of the kinds of fraud, grift and theft that are perpetrated throughout the modern "white collar" world. Looking at the bailouts that have been necessary to keep the economies of Europe and (to a larger extent) the United States afloat over the last half-decade, many pundits and social commentators have often wondered aloud who the real criminals are these days.

An Ill Wind that Brings No Good

In the UK, there has been a scandal over the "mis-selling" of payment protection insurance, or PPI, which was added to financial instruments such as mortgages even if the borrower wouldn't meet the standards of claim eligibility (or which offered a "benefit" that was not worth any more than the additional premiums). Selling PPI to those who neither needed nor could use it was bad enough; now the tail end of that ill wind brings with it another layer of predatory opportunism.

Keep It to Yourself

Even though the UK's Ministry of Justice has publicly stated that it was not - and would never be - in the business of calling anyone and inquiring about their personal or financial information, many people have fallen for bogus players who claim to be in the legitimate business of reclaiming mis-sold PPI policies. There are plenty of targets for these con artists, as the BBC estimates that between three and five million people are eligible for such compensation.

In this fashion, even more thumbs have gone into the soup of payment protection insurance, which remains on its face a good idea for those in the appropriate circumstances, adding a support pillar to many who rely on credit to do business. It's bad enough that some unscrupulous agents pushed PPI on those who truly did not need or stand to benefit from it. For someone to scam those who have already been victimized is to pour salt in an open wound. The best way to avoid such a pitfall is to never give out your personal or financial information to unsolicitied parties.

Could Neck Strength Drills Save Your Favorite Players?

1390010_exercise (1)Football Betting Action always considered injuries before making football predictions. Protecting the neck and head is an important part of surviving this dangerous game. The way to protect the head and the brain is with a strong neck. This is the most basic and fundamental way to minimize head trauma. The best part is it’s free and easy for anyone to control. Fortunately, the teams in the NFL are beginning to understand and promote this amongst players.

The Neck is the Key

More teams are making neck muscles a higher priority in their strength training regimes. This is one of the key reasons NFL players are less susceptible to head trauma then the lower ranks of collegiate and high school football. Many strength coaches have noticed that these are the main deficiencies for players coming into the NFL, getting the rookies and young players up to speed with neck muscle and strength development is essential to maintaining long-term health in the league. Many coaches were hoping that one day neck measurable and muscle strength will be a quantified measurable like the 40 yard dash or bench press in the combine.

Protect the Neck

There are many statistics to show that the bigger the neck is, the less likely the body is to suffer from head or brain trauma. Many more colleges are beginning to make neck strength a priority in order to protect players and better prepare them for the NFL. The more prevalent this concern becomes in the front offices of the NFL, the greater impact it will have on the lower ranks and the sport as a whole.

This is an effective solution to a serious problem that could improve the long-term prospects of football that currently seem under-fire. Neck machines and manual exercises should become standard issue on every major football campus. Once the NFL makes this a known requirement like the 40 yard dash, more schools will adopt the idea as an essential training principle.

Bridging the Gap When It Comes To Financing

1159573_moneyFinancing is everything in today’s real estate market.  And if you are ready to give up, you may just need to get creative.  There are unique ways to finance the home of your dreams and help you get cash quickly. 


What Is A Bridge Loan?


A bridge loan or gap loan is a common short term loan that many people use to purchase property or real estate.  This loan essentially bridges the gap between the money you have now and the financing you will receive in the future.  When it comes to property, you need money quickly.  Often you don’t have the luxury of time.  Fortunately, a bridge loan can make up the difference.  It can provide you with the money to make the deal.  You can worry about full financing in the future.


Is A Bridge Loan Right For You?


Many people love the idea of bridge loans.  After all, it would be nice to get fast cash quickly.  However, it is important to understand that these loans are risky.  The term is short.  Usually the full payoff is expected back in 6 months or a year.  This doesn’t give you much time to get the full financing you are in need of.  However, it could make up the difference.  And for certain scenarios, a gap loan will make all of the difference.


The Down Payment


Furthermore, a gap loan could help you afford the down payment on a new home.  To qualify for a new home can be costly.  Most of the lenders require a significant portion up front.  Fortunately, a gap loan could provide you with this money initially.  Then you will need to do your part to pay the difference.


Talk to your bank today about bridge loan financing today to see if it can help you.

Finding the Right T-Shirt

1211867_49172299Lots of people have lots of T shirts. I personally feel that I have the market cornered. But finding just the right T-Shirt; now that, in and of itself, is a real challenge… But also a daily ritual with me. I have to figure out if I’m feeling festive or creepy; like a traveler, biker or concert go-er; and then there’s the color to decide on as well.

What Kind Of Shirt Are You In The Mood For?

How do we feel today—let’s see. What want to be a punk rocker today? Maybe I should make a statement about the government, the war or world hunger. No too serious; maybe something more on the lines of some of my hilarious tees. I’m not sure I feel that funny just yet. Oh to heck with it—I’ll just wear one of my Harley shirts (I only have about 50). It’s nice to have a choice however, and in order to have multiple choices of T shirts to wear one no longer has to go shopping up and down the aisles of department stores. You’re going to open your laptop today any ways so you might as well check out a site or two that sells t shirts online.

A Plethora Of Choices At Your Fingertips

I don’t care how big your local Wal-Mart is, there’s no way that they can have all the choices that are available to you online—not in T shirts, not in funky accessories, not in anything. And to make it even easier, when you’re shopping online you can enter a topic that you’d like that shirt to be associated with (color, male, female, size). Let’s see the clerks at Wal-Mart do that? Oh wait that’s right… There are no clerks at Wal-Mart… That’s why it’s Wal-Mart.

Yes indeed—shopping online has taken on a life of its own. And it’s no wonder when it’s so simple, so helpful and so reasonably priced for the most part. There are always sales and usually discounts to reward you for shopping online rather than burning gas and time by shopping at the store. And who needs the crowds?