Building A Bachelor Home Is A Great Investment

1075393_rooflineWhat is it about the words bachelor pad that brings up visions of a disheveled man cave, with empty (we hope) pizza boxes strewn everywhere and crushed beer cans stacked up against the walls?  Where does it say that bachelor pads can not consist of quality house plans put to good use and kept at least, in some semblance of semi-tidy?

His Home Is His Castle

Though castles and caves are usually considered dark and dank, a bachelor pad or man cave can be anything but unhospitable.  Is the ultimate bachelor pad reminiscent of the one belonging to Austin Powers or should it be more on the lines of an elegant, sophisticated reflection of the man himself?  Clearly it all depends on the individual calling themselves a bachelor.  Whether it is bachelor or bachelorette, you want to build the best home possible.  It's an investment not only for now, as a place for you to live, but should your circumstances change down the line, this investment could either be changed and altered, to fit your new needs or rented out to a different bachelor and end up being a source of income, for you.  Again however the importance of it being a quality home is essential, for the longevity of the building itself and investment purposes.

Time to Open Up the Laptop

How does one go about finding someone that can make this idea a reality?  The same way you find anything these days… On the Internet.  You're going to want to research the company, in as much detail as possible.  But, what should you look for in a home planning and building company?  Well, you want someone that's going to ensure that their customers receive the highest quality of assistance and efficiency.  A sales staff, such as Katy real estate, will help assist with the design of the custom home, from its very beginning stages.  An in-house architect and designer could make the building process smoother from beginning to end.  And, if a job manager were assigned to expedite the job and keep things on track both on and off the job site that would be ideal.  The home website should have excellent features for navigation, in fact many these days include videos, so that you can find and view just exactly what it is that you need.  HD quality videos and pictures make the website even more attractive.  Once you book a company you should be able to keep track of everything going on with your build from changing orders, to approving selections.  Customer accounts should be created so that you can access yours from your laptop whenever you need to, as many times as you need to.

Will every home building website have all of this?  Probably not.  Decide which of these qualities are most important to you and begin your research with a simple search using Yahoo, Google, Safari or your favorite search engine.  That bachelor pad could be only a couple of clicks away.


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Protecting Your Liver Health

1379399_bowl_with_berriesLiver problems are common among Americans today.  And they are not simply a result of too much alcohol.  In fact, many people at your local transplant center are getting liver transplants for various reasons.  If you are worried about your liver’s health, follow these guidelines.

Avoid Viruses

To start, avoid viruses if at all possible.  Viruses can cause harm to your liver.  In fact, those with hepatitis have a higher risk of developing problems in their liver.  Often, when a virus becomes chronic pain, it can cause problems for your liver.  Wash your hands and get some vitamins in an effort to fight off common viruses.

Vitamin C

When it comes to vitamins, there is no better option than vitamin C.  This vitamin will do a lot to ensure the health of your liver.  And the great thing about vitamin C is that it is found in the foods we consume regularly.  If you lack vitamin C, add an orange to your daily diet.  Or consider drinking more orange juice.  Just make sure to drink pure juice.  There is no need to fill your body with excess sugars.


In addition to oranges, look to vegetables for a good source of vitamins and health.  Vegetables and green foods are two things that will go a long way in improving the health of your liver.  Even better, vegetables are known to increase the overall health of nearly all organs in the body.  When you eat a vegetable, you are doing a lot of good for your body.  Add some broccoli to your diet or eat more green beans during dinner.

Cut Out The Fat

Finally, make an effort to cut out the fat.  Too much fat can cause strain on your liver.  This strain is unnecessary.   There are so many foods that taste good and are good for you at the same time.  So get smart.  Make better choices for good health in the short term and the future.

Your liver is a vital organ.  It is important that you take the necessary precautions to safeguard this organ and ensure that it is as healthy as possible. And make sure you see a doctor. Home care agencies can take care of you in your own home for comfort.

The Ultimate In Cell Personalization

1149293_cartoon_cellphoneHaving a cell phone is a wonderful luxury item because cell phones these days can be catered to anything you want, and you can also personalize them even down to their appearance.

Making Your Phone Stand Out

If it is very important for you to have a phone that stands out, then you might try doing a few things such as adding glitter, a new phone cover, or even having a special ring tone. Simple things like this can really make your phone stand out. A great way to make your phone unique is to have your iPhone 5s jailbroken.

Improving Your Cell Phone Reception So You Can Enjoy Your Phone More

Sometimes our phones are great at some things and horrible at others. A quick fix such as getting the best SIM only deal will improve the reception and make your phone experience much better. Once you have changed out the card, then your cell phone should work properly and you should not have any problems with any type of reception. Improving your phone can only be good because you are staying up-to-date with technology. Be sure you tell your friends and family all about any upgrades you do so that they can keep up with you and not have problems either.

Get Your Driving Record Checked For Errors


Most of us balance our checkbooks every time we get our statement.  We are checking to make sure that the bank didn’t make any mistakes with our money. I suppose we are also checking to see if we made any mistakes as well.  We check our credit scores to make sure that there are no erroneous reports.  If we have worked hard to build our credit scores back up after some bad choices we check to make sure that it’s going in the right direction.  And many of us check our health once a year, whether we feel sick or not, with a general physical.  So when is the last time you checked your driving record?

The Department Of Transportation Actually Makes Mistakes!

Yes, absolutely they do. Although they will probably try to blame it on a computer error, and feasibly it could be just that.  It will probably cost you something to get your driver report, some states charge five dollars or so.  But it’s going to be worth it in the long run because your driving record can impact any number of things in your life.  As an example, if you were to apply for a job that had anything to do with driving and there was a negative, erroneous report on your driving record it could influence whether or not you get hired for the job.  Your driving record also has everything to do with your car insurance rates unless you go with one of those advertised discount or cheap car insurance companies that say they don’t care about your driving record.

How Does One Go about Getting Their Driving Record?

If you have a computer, which most people do these days, or some type of Internet connection all you have to do is utilize your favorite search engine – be it Google, Safari, Bing, Yahoo or what have you – and enter the name of your state followed by the letters DMV.  For example, you Californians would enter California DMV online and it should take you to where you need to be in order to find and order your driving record over the Internet.  Your drivers license record works on a point system whereby a certain number of points are assigned for each violation.  Accumulating a certain number of points in a specific period of time could end up in your drivers license being suspended or revoked.  And don’t even think about driving with a suspended or revoked license, though it’s done every single day.  These are the people that drive up our insurance rates among others.

So should you check on your drivers record just to make sure everything is as it should be?  Yes, absolutely.  It is after all run by flawed humans and questionable computers, just like everything else these days.

Exercising Your Way To Health And Success

669278_lifting_weights___1Exercising can make you feel really good about yourself because there is a sense of accomplishment when you have obtained a very hard body. Having your body be completely sculpted is very hard work because it takes dedication.

Exercise Tips

Lifting weights is highly recommended for anyone that is over 30 years old. As we get older our muscle mass starts to diminish therefore it is very important that we keep ourselves in the best shape as possible. If you are thinking you want to contour abs then you need to really start doing a great deal of setups in order to accomplish that goal.

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If you are a person that has a hard time staying on diet that is okay. You might consider eating which you want just in smaller portions and in moderation. Instead of having a piece of chocolate cake every other night you might consider it a weekend staying. Simple changes like that will really save in your calorie intake.

Your weight loss results are going to make you feel fabulous and you will see that good things start happening in your life. It's very important that you keep this up.


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Beginner's Guide for Exercising

Is bronchitis contagious?

bronchitisBronchitis is a respiratory inflammation which is characterized by the swelling of breathing airways. Bronchial tubes can also be termed as the airways which directly link to the lungs. This disease is occasioned by an irritation in the air passage ways which produces symptoms such as airway inflammation and the production of excessive cough or phlegm. The formation of thick mucus results to the air passage being blocked by the mucus which in turn leads to difficulty in breathing. People who are affected by the disease or are living with affected relations ask one common question, is bronchitis contagious?

Bronchitis is categorized into two main groups, acute bronchitis and chronic bronchitis. The Acute bronchitis is temporary as it lasts for a certain period of time. It is mainly caused by cold or viral infections. Characteristics of acute bronchitis include:  chest pain, cough that produces green sputum, fever and mild difficulty in breathing. Chronic bronchitis is characterized by a persistent cough with mucus. It lasts longer than acute bronchitis. Chronic bronchitis comes with severe difficulty in breathing and the victims are additionally exposed to lung infections.

Is bronchitis contagious? Yes, indeed bronchitis is contagious especially in cases where the cause is viral or bacterial. The virus can easily be transmitted through various means such as cough, sneeze and physical contact of objects touched by an infected person. it is worthwhile to know that though the bronchitis is a swelling of the wind pipes and not contagious, the forming of bacteria makes the disease contagious when the bacteria is emitted into the surrounding air. There are several studies that show that a number of people get affected by being in close contact with the affected person.

The big question is how long is bronchitis contagious? According to medical research, the actual length of time that the disease is actively contagious depends on the type and the cause of the person’s bronchitis. If the disease is triggered by smoking, air pollution or other inhaled substances, then there are less chances of it being contagious. Acute bronchitis cannot be spread when the affected person is also undergoing some complications of another disease such as asthma. Anyone suffering from bronchitis should visit a respiratory specialist to confirm if he is contagious and for how long they would be contagious.

The best way to eradicate the chances of spreading the disease is to get a cure. Antibiotics are not effective in curing bronchitis since the disease emanates from a viral infection. However, a balanced diet, adequate fluid intake, ample rest and a prescribed medicine for cough have proved to be quite effective in controlling and treating the disease. To totally eliminate the risk of spreading the disease, the affected person should follow the following remedies:  covering his mouth when coughing or sneezing, adapt to a healthy hygiene by washing his hands and sanitizing the objects he suspects have come into contact with the disease. Antibiotics should be prescribed by a medical practitioner when the presence of bacteria is detected.

In a nutshell, the appropriate steps should be taken to minimize chances of spreading bronchitis unknowingly.

Spruce Up Your Man Cave

535740_antelope_canyon_1Man caves are a great place for most men to hang out and watch TV or play video games. If your man cave is suffering from dirty carpets, dust, and just everything is in a huge mess it is time for you to get off your feet and do something about cleaning up your man cave. If you are not very good about doing any type of task like this then you need to sit down and make a check list of everything that you would like to accomplish in cleaning up your man cave.

Taking Inventory

As you look around your man cave you should determine all of the things that need to be fixed or cleanup. If there is a problem with trashing you need to get a huge trashcan and trash bags so that you are able to pick up all of the garbage around your man cave. Once you get all the garbage picked up you will then be able to determine what is going to need special cleaning. You might notice that your carpet is extremely dirty and dusty, which means you definitely need to call Gleamsteam and get yourself a heavy duty carpet cleaner you can use in the future.

Rebuilding Your Man Cave

Getting your man cave clean is going to take some time especially if your man cave has never been cleaned before. Once everything is clean you might feel as though your man cave is bare because there will not be all of the garbage that used to be there before. This is the perfect opportunity for you to go shopping and add some cool new additions to your man cave that will add character and be cool for any company that you have over that is allowed in the man cave. Simple additions such as lamps, videogame chairs, and even cool posters can make a man cave look manly but yet also remain clean. Even a wood burning stove from can be a great addition.

Your man cave is going to be your new hangout and you will enjoy because now it is clean and free from any type of mess.

Hydronic Heating System and Its Uses

everystockphoto_116331_mBuilding a house is not just about planning how you want it to look. When making someone construct the place where you will live, it is not only about focusing on its outer appearance or on how other people see it. There is a far more important thing to look into. Although its exterior design matters, it must be built in such a way that its interior environment provides a comfortable dwelling for the residents. The fact that this world is fast changing and the cycle of things are not constant, attention must be given to factors that keeps changing with time.

Do you need a heating system?

One of it is the temperature because it varies depending on the current weather condition that a certain area has. It can sometimes be too low and sometimes too high. This varying condition prompts skilled people to devise ways on maintaining the level that is just enough for a person’s needs. Thus, the development of Hydronic Heating System installed on houses came about. But there are certain factors that hinder one from having it installed on their houses because of these diverse reasons. Insufficient budget is the number one reason for this. Even if this system is highly advisable to be installed on houses because of the benefits that it can give to its owner, the cost of installation seems to be expensive. That is why, to fit with the budget available, it is this that is being sacrificed to give way to what they think is more valuable without knowing that this is more important because this can provide comfort to their homes and at the same time maintain the amount of heat within.

There are various ways to address concerns of man but sometimes it is way too expensive that despite the benefit that it can give, they choose to reject it.

Home Additions You Can Do Yourself

h7Home additions you can do yourself will cost you much less than if you hired a contracting company to do the work. You would be surprised at how much you can actually do yourself with just some prior research and guides concerning aspects of home addition work. If your home is already a structurally sound building that is located on an adequate amount of good, solid land, then adding another room to your home should not be the problem you might think it would be. Although doing the work yourself may take a little more time than hiring a contractor, the money you save and the satisfaction you receive from creating the addition is worth the extra time.

What You Can Do

After performing all the preliminary legal paperwork regarding a home addition, you can then start planning on the size of the room you wish to build. You also want to make sure that footers are measured correctly in order to be able to support walls. Concrete foundations need to be covered with tar sealer if they are below the ground. Lumber which is around ten inches wide should frame the floors and placed anywhere from 12 to 15 or 16 inches apart. You will need to add insulation in the walls, as well as building a roof with two by eight wood boards. Always protect your vulnerable wood roof with felt paper until you can begin tacking down roofing.

Interior Work

Anyone can paint walls with the proper equipment--roller, brush, painter's tape and paint tray. While painting with a spray gun may be faster, it is trickier to use than a roller and should only be used by someone who has experiencing painting with a spray gun. Adding baseboards to walls is not difficult, either, and requires a hammer, small nails and appropriately sized baseboards to fit the dimensions of the room. Plumbing and electrical installation, however, should be left to experts, as uncertified individuals who attempt to install these two things may cause major problems in the future.


By planning and organizing ahead of time, you can successfully add a room or a conservatory extensions to your home without spending a fortune on a home remodeling contractor.

What Every Man Should Know before the First Date

7121There are many important bits of information everyman should know before the first date. Every man needs to know about the date and her personality before going out on a date. Every man also needs to know how to act appropriately and favorably on the first date as well. The first date is often the only date for most men because they make many classic mistakes.

Know Your Date

Men are visual creatures; more often, this is the basis for male attraction. There is nothing wrong with wanting to date the prettiest Cougars in the bar, just make sure you know enough about her to realistically date her. Otherwise you may be better off looking for a date at the site.

Many men make impromptu plans and great efforts to get dates with girls they have talked to for less than two minutes. Then they get out on the date to find out each has nothing in common or they end up wanting to bail on the bad decision. Take the time out to make sure the first date is worth the time and effort before you get to excited.

Be Smooth, Play it Cool

Women hate pushy men, women want to be heard but do not want to make all the decisions. The best approach is to have a plan and be flexible with your date. Be open and communicate your thoughts while letting your date know you are open to change or suggestions. Being relaxed and laidback will help your date fell the same way. Be passionate about her ideas opposed to being passionate just about your ideas or points. Also, consider a pheromone spray cologne for extra attraction from

Play it cool but do not be boring, be smooth but fun. Fun is the most important aspect of any first date. If you want a second date, make sure the first date is fun. Take time to find enough information about your date to make it fun, be a respectful man and be a fun date as well.

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